New Orleans Coroner Sounds the Alarm about Fentanyl Overdoses

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Matt Engler, Administrator Avenues Recovery Center at Louisiana
Matt Engler, Administrator Avenues Recovery Center at Louisiana

In response to the fentanyl crisis public officials are noticing an emerging and overwhelming public health issue. Specifically, the Coroner is sounding the alarm surrounding the overdoses associated with the drug. 

At Avenues, we are noticing the same crisis. The vast majority of, wholly 90%, our clients are admitting to treatment with Fentanyl Addiction. The really scary part of this drug is that the majority of these clients will tell you that they are using Heroin. These people believe they are using a much less potent drug than they are. As a result of this misunderstanding, we see the resulting increased overdose risk and exacerbated addictive issues related to the more powerful narcotic. We see this nationally throughout all of our locations.

The drug is so addictive that many people are afraid of how sick they will get because of detox symptoms related to the cessation of use. Our Medical Director has developed a medication protocol to address these physical symptoms and help our clients stay most comfortable during this difficult period of treatment most specifically. Once past detox we are seeing people be very successful in our extended care program. Staying sober is possible even though we are facing such a devastating drug as Fentanyl. Call us, we are here for you (504) 603-3060

- Matt Engler, Administrator Avenues Recovery Center at Louisiana

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