The New Non-opioid Pain Medication Breakthrough by LSU Health New Orleans

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In a groundbreaking development, LSU Behavioral Health New Orleans has unveiled a promising new non-opioid painkiller, offering hope to millions suffering from acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain, as well as migraine headaches. Avenues Recovery, leading addiction rehabilitation specialists, reveals the benefits and creation process of this wondrous new non-opioid pain medication.

Led by Dr. Nicolas Bazan, the team behind the innovative non-opioid painkiller has achieved a significant milestone in LSU pain management, with potential implications for addressing the opioid overdose and abuse crisis.

What Is Special About the New Non-opioid Pain Medication?

The recently discovered compound in the new pain drugs boasts a unique mechanism of action without the organ toxicity or addiction potential associated with conventional pain therapeutics, as detailed in a recent publication in Nature's Scientific Reports.

Dr. N. Bazan, Boyd Professor and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence, expresses great enthusiasm for the research's implications, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize pain management while mitigating the risks of addiction.

"Our research offers hope for millions suffering from pain while also providing a pathway to counteract addiction," says Dr. N. Bazan. "By understanding and harnessing the brain's own mechanisms, we are addressing the opioid crisis by developing safer, more effective pain management solutions for people worldwide."

The new non-opioid pain medication by LSU scientists can reduce addiction, Avenues Recovery explains.


SRP-001: The Miracle Product of New Advances in Pain Management

The patents defining this family of non-opioid new pain medications have been exclusively licensed to South Rampart Pharma by LSU Health New Orleans. With support from institutional, federal, and venture funding, the lead compound, SRP-001, has progressed successfully through Phase 1 human clinical trials, demonstrating both safety and efficacy. The FDA's recent grant of Fast Track designation for SRP-001 for acute pain treatment has made waves in painkiller news. This urgency underscores the new painkiller’s potential to address a critical unmet medical need and expedite its journey through clinical trials.

Dr. Hernan Bazan, CEO and co-founder of South Rampart Pharma, emphasizes the urgency of innovative pain solutions in light of the widespread prevalence of pain conditions. "Existing treatments pose risks of addiction and toxicity with overuse," notes Dr. H. Bazan. "We are eager to advance SRP-001 into Phase 2 studies, offering hope for those in need of safer, more effective pain relief."

Dr. Steve Nelson, Chancellor of LSU Health New Orleans, applauds the groundbreaking discovery as a testament to the institution's commitment to biomedical research and translational medicine. "This exciting development underscores LSU Health's dedication to serving patients and supporting local entrepreneurship," says Dr. Nelson. "We anticipate that this innovation will not only alleviate the burdens of pain and addiction but also contribute to economic development and societal well-being."

New non-opioid pain medication may help reduce addiction, Avenues Recovery explains.

How LSU’s New Non-Opioid Pain Medication Can Make a Change

The unveiling of the new non-opioid pain medication represents a significant stride forward in the quest for safer, more effective treatments. With the potential to transform the landscape of pain management and combat the opioid crisis, SRP-001 offers renewed hope for individuals grappling with chronic pain and addiction alike. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse with painkillers, contact Avenues Recovery. We use proven modalities to help thousands recover every day. We’d love to help you, too.


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