Sober Safe Spot is Coming to Thunder Over Louisville

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April 2024For the very first time, Sober Safe Spot will bring their safe zone and sober cheer to Kentucky’s signature “Thunder Over Louisville” event.

While serving as a massive tourist attraction and thrilling kick-off to the annual opening festivities of the famed Kentucky Derby, Thunder Over Louisville presents a significant challenge to those in recovery. As by every large community festival, alcohol and drinking play a huge role in the celebration, and bars and beverage vendors pose triggers at every corner. Without the proper support, holding tight to one’s sobriety through the mayhem of Thunder may feel close to impossible – prompting many individuals and alumni in recovery to just opt out and stay home.

But life in recovery is beautiful and enjoyable, and fear of relapse should never stop us from opening our arms and hearts to embrace every experience possible. That’s why Sober Safe Spot was conceived. It’s an organization that brings safe, substance-free spaces to recreational and cultural events, allowing the recovery community to come out and celebrate without fear. With large white tents to mark the spot, amazing swag, music, good cheer, and the very best company, Sober Safe Spot brings a bubble of safety and support to festivals that would have otherwise felt off-limits to the recovery community.

This year, as requested by the local recovery community, Sober Safe Spot will bring their designated safe space to the annual Thunder Over Louisville Event for the very first time! Their tent will be erected on the Clarksville side of Riverside Drive all day on Saturday, April 20th, beginning at 12:00 P.M. The spot will offer incredible free swag, music, games, food and refreshments (for those registered), and endless love, fun, and support for the recovery community!

More details will be provided closer to the event.
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Rachel Alter

Sober Safe Spot is a nonprofit organization facilitated and sponsored by Avenues Recovery Center. The mission of Sober Safe Spot is to strengthen and support the recovery community by creating safe, substance-free spaces at every major recreational event.

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