Sober Safe Spot

Stay Sober. Stay Safe. Stay Excited.

The Sober Safe Spot.

Reimagining Fun in Recovery!

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Introducing the Sober Safe Spot by Avenues Recovery

The Sober Safe Spot is coming to a venue near you!

One of the challenges for people living in recovery is finding the balance between living life to its fullest while taking the necessary precautions to avoid relapse and triggers.

Americans like to drink while they are having fun.  

 “Get your beer here” booms through stadium concourses, waiters tote trays of margaritas while navigating tightly packed theaters and concerts, and patrons laugh through a comedy set while cradling their vodka soda or Jack and coke. There is no refuge from it, no sober safe spot to gain courage and confidence.

Until now.

Drum Roll Please!!!

Introducing the Avenues Recovery Sober Safe Spot!

Does Recovery mean I have to stay home and veg out?

Going out and having fun while staying committed to your sobriety is so very important.  The beauty of recovery is the ability to embrace all areas of life and culture with a clear head and heart.

But it’s scary. Too many times, we just stay home. The risk is just not worth it. The smells, the noise,  the temptations. The 10-dollar beers and the 15-dollar shots of scotch being passed to the people in the row in front of you, behind you, or right beside you.

No! Live your best life with The Sober Safe Spot!

So. We asked ourselves.

What if there was a spot- a sober safe spot–  at that basketball, football, or baseball game you are dying to attend? What if there was a section at the concert where you could hang with people just like you, people committed to sobriety, people who have discovered the balance of fun and staying vigilant? What if you could sit at a table at a show, and the person next to you was holding just a soda or a water and having a grand old time?

What if your commitment to sobriety did not have to lock you in your house when your peeps are going out? What if there was a place you could feel safe, understood, and mindful?

Enter the Avenues Recovery Sober Safe Spot.


“No guilt, no fear, no alcohol, and no drugs. Just pure fun with the people living their best life!”

First Stop: New Orleans, Louisiana- Mardi Gras

Our first stop was at the Mardi Gras parades this year. Our Sober Safe Spots were a resounding success and gained the praise of the city and community leaders.

We gathered, we laughed, we hugged, and we watched the historical cultural experience unfold.

And we did it sober and we did it proud.

We did it with Sober Safe Spot.

The Sober Safe Spot is just getting started!

The reception we received at Mardi Gras has galvanized us to take the Sober Safe Spot national. We want every neighborhood to have this option, every arena, stadium, theater, and concert mosh pit.

The Sober Safe Spot! Coming soon to an entertainment venue near you!

Stay Sober. Stay Safe. Stay Excited.

Sober Safe Spot. Reimagining Fun in Recovery.

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