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Veterans and Substance Use Disorder: Education and Treatment

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We salute our veterans.

Avenues feels deeply privileged to be of service to our veterans, and to give back to those who have given their all for our country. Far too many veterans lived in the margins of society post-service, their lives overshadowed by the horrors they have seen on duty and the debilitating substance abuse and/or mental disorders that come as a result. Avenues is determined to change this reality, and ensure that each and every veteran receives the support and assistance they so deserve and need.   

This Veteran’s Day, Avenues extends a heartfelt thank you to our veterans for risking both life and limb in defense of our country, our freedoms, and our lives. We are forever grateful to you, and we will always, always be here for you.  


We honor your service.

This past September, on the memorable date of 9/11, Avenues Recovery Center held a Veteran’s Awards ceremony in Covington, Louisiana, to recognize the service and sacrifice of our veteran population. Nearly 36 veterans were presented with the Louisiana Veterans Honor Medal in recognition of their service.  

The event was a distinguished one, graced by the venerable presence of Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs Secretary Joey Strickland, Deputy Secretary Julie Baxter-Payer, Deputy Chief of Staff Dustin Guy, and Brigadier General Michael Cushman. A Presentation of the Colors was performed by the St. Tammany Color Guard, speeches were delivered by both honored guests and facility staff, and a Service Medal was presented to each veteran – alongside a letter from the Louisiana governor thanking them for their devoted service. This program was followed by a lovely lunch shared by both honorees and the many guests. 

It was especially appropriate that this ceremony was held at Avenues, since Avenues Recovery Center accepts a large portion of all VA referrals in the state of Louisiana, becoming the program most used by the regional VA. Nearly a quarter of all Avenues patients in Louisiana are veterans, and Avenues features specialized veteran’s tracks as well as trauma and grief programs geared towards this unique population. Many veterans who underwent treatment at Avenues later returned as valued staff members, eager to share their experiences and offer warm support to those going through exactly what they had.

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