A Father’s Day Tribute: Brooks’s Story

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What does being a Dad mean to you?

Support, love, strength, dependability, trust. Words that shape the essence of a father figure. Words that every child wants to feel about their dad. What happens when it is lost? Can it ever be regained? Brooks, alumnus of Avenues at Eastern Shore, shares his story. 

I‘ve been sober since June 2023. Being a dad and knowing I am taking an active part in my children’s lives, means everything to me. Back in active addiction, I would miss events and forget things and I didn’t even realize it. That’s been the hardest part of rebuilding the relationship with my kids- knowing these things meant something to them and I totally wasn’t part of it. Since getting sober, the best moments in my life are family moments. Sitting together at the dinner table, eating and talking and smiling… I was always their dad but now I am actually paying attention and interested in what makes them happy. I can have conversations with my children and be fully aware. Seeing their smile when they see me brings tears of joy every time. 

 Although I felt my kids always trusted me, even while I was lost in my addiction, I see our connection and trust building up so much stronger now. I love taking them to the park, running around with them, playing tag, and pushing them on the swing. To all dads out there who are suffering with addiction, make the effort and get sober! You will not regret it! And your children will thank you for it. 

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