Emily Cukier: Giving & Growing Trenches of Addiction Treatment | Ep 1

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Talented drug and alcohol rehab industry veteran Emily Cukier lays out her treatment philosophy and history  with Rubber Bands host Shlomo Hoffman.

Hear how Emily fell into the substance abuse treatment field almost by accident. Be inspired by the people in recovery that motivate her every day. And cry along with the story of Stacy and the necklace Emily never takes off.

As the National Director of Clinical Operations for Avenues Recovery, Emily has years of experience developing the unique treatment philosophy that makes Avenues the gold standard for substance abuse treatment.



00:01:21 - From never ever going into the addiction field, to addiction treatment superstar 

00:06:15 - Drawing inspiration and motivation from behind a desk, not in front of a client 

00:09:18 - Standout treatment philosophy

00:10:42 - Buzzwords - Individual vs Group treatment. The truth

00:15:17 - Thriving in recovery - a constant stream of inspiration

00:20:03 - Heroes only - Working in recovery

00:23:26 - Inspiration from those in recovery, honesty and strength personified

00:25:01 - Always working, always balancing. A mom, a teacher, a healer

00:29:27 - Fighting for their life, winning insurance battles and saving lives

00:31:10 - Advice to the average person - What can you do?

00:36:04 - Stacy's Story - How one student shaped a philosophy of individualized care and the necklace that's never come off

00:42:28 - Clinician excellence, tenacious passion

00:44:10 - You can't do better than your best. Or can you?

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