Finding a silver lining: Entering treatment during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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One of the problems with seeking treatment for Substance Use Disorder is the interference it causes with routine. Daily responsibilities can often prevent someone struggling with addiction from getting help.

 Excuses set in.

  • “When it calms down at the office, I’ll check myself in to rehab.”
  • “As soon as my daughter enters school, I’ll have time to think of my well-being.”
  • “I know I need help, but it is manageable for now. Other stuff needs my attention for now. I’ll get there.”

We are all watching as the spread of Covid-19 develops. Unprecedented disruptions to life as we know it unfold around us. Offices closed. Schools shut their doors. The most important thing right now is caring for yourself. While just a week ago it seemed unthinkable that they wouldn’t need you at work, somehow, they are managing without you. We are being urged to find other things to do. Everyone is scrambling to fill newfound blocks of time.

The underlying lesson of all of this is that health is always our primary focus. Nothing comes before staying safe and listening to your doctors. What seemed impossible yesterday is normal today. Human beings adapt to new realities quickly and shift priorities as needed.

A new threat can often overshadow other old ones. This doesn’t make the old stuff any less dangerous. Drug and alcohol addiction kills. Thousands in this country can be helped with addiction treatment, but the gravity of their illness escapes them.

In every situation in life we can find a silver lining. We can take an overwhelming negative and build something positive. It’s a cliché but clichés are often very true. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’

Are you off work?

Are you stuck at home, going stir crazy?

Do you feel like you have unending blocks of time that you have no idea how you will fill?

I have a suggestion!

Look for a drug and alcohol treatment provider.  Many heroic addiction counselors are still on the frontlines, still saving lives. Residential treatment facilities are fighting to keep open their doors. They understand the importance of being available. So should you!

They are taking every precaution to keep you safe. This includes screening for the virus and heightened admissions protocols. You will be safe in a treatment facility and using your time wisely.

They desperately want to help you, and hey, you have the time now. Nobody is at the office. Everyone is protecting themselves as much as they can. Its time for you to think about protecting yourself too!

Addiction treatment is something anyone can take advantage of. In the last number of years many laws have been passed, aiming at making treatment insured and affordable. The good facilities are staffed with case managers. They are passionate about the most important thing: doing everything possible to get you started on the journey of recovery. They help you put other things in your life in order. If you are having legal trouble, they help you navigate it. Are you struggling with daycare, or problems with employers? These are things people can aid you in dealing with.  

And another thing.

Even if it is logistically difficult to enter a brick and mortar facility, find a 12-step meeting. Digital meetings are sprouting up all over the place.

Here is a list of helpful resources for those seeking information on how to stay connected in recovery during physical isolation.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous has published a list of resources for staying connected while practicing social distancing. Here is a link for more information.

  • There are stories everywhere of the recovery community banding together. Here is one coming out of Massachusetts.

  • A First-Person account from a world-famous journalist is linked here.

  • For the Louisiana recovery community, a meetings resource is linked here.


In every community across the country, there are opportunities for addiction rehab. Do some research. Reach out each other. Care for one another. Unity can be a powerful thing. The recovery community has always know that. Now we are getting creative in sustaining it. It is inspiring!

The obstacles are real, but sometimes life has a way of showing us that they can be overcome. Getting drug or alcohol addiction treatment should always be a number one priority. It is possible now more than ever.

Adapt! Stay positive! Take on the challenge of recovery!

Use this as an opportunity for growth and healing!

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