National Recovery Month

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Recovery is for Everyone:
Every Person, Every Family, Every Community

Join Avenues Recovery in promoting and celebrating National Recovery Month.

 Since 1989, September has been set aside to mark, promote, and drive awareness of the difference the mission of addiction recovery makes in the wellbeing of  communities in every corner of America , and in the wellbeing of our nation as a whole. 

Every year, untold numbers of Americans are affected by addiction. And it is our responsibility, as citizens and as human beings, to do our part to spread a message of hope, remind each other that people do recover, and shine a light on the impact we can all make.

During National Recovery Month, Avenues Recovery celebrates the people who have successfully embarked on their journey to sobriety and renew our vow to the people still searching for a fresh start. 

We promote the benefits of evidence-based treatment and salute the people in our community who provide it.

We reflect on what our family has achieved and stay inspired, and we see the people who still need us and stay determined.

Throughout National Recovery Month, we are holding events in each of our facilities and throughout our growing network of family and friends,  to highlight this message and this mission.

On this page, you will see what hope looks like.  You will understand the impact recovery has on anyone facing the battle of addiction and the power of hearts open in full.

And it is our hope that you will be inspired to join us in changing the face of America.










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