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Oklahoma City is known for its rugged Western past, rich cowboy culture, working stockyards, and abundance of horse shows.  Lesser known, but just as important is its impact on the world of addiction recovery.  Forty minutes southeast of the heart of Oklahoma City lies an unassuming building surrounded by open fields where lives in calamity are reclaimed every day.

Avenues Recovery Center of Oklahoma is anything but your average rehab facility.  In a boutique, 24-bed inpatient setting, clients receive outstanding round-the-clock clinical and holistic care uniquely tailored to their individual needs.  Our Medical Director, Dr. Samuel Martin, one of only three local addiction psychiatrists, leads a team of experienced addiction experts in guiding clients toward a recovery experience they can best utilize out in the real world after formal treatment concludes. 

Other local facilities are situated in hospital settings or offer only limited detoxification services.  At Avenues, clients benefit from a continuum of care that incorporates recreational and holistic modalities including equine-assisted therapy and art therapy provided by licensed professionals as well as yoga, fitness gym, rock climbing wall, ropes course, paint ball, and a swimming pool.  A Registered Dietitian leads nutrition and cooking classes and tailors meal plans to clients’ specific dietary needs whenever necessary. 

Avenues’ clients consistently report feeling welcomed without judgment into a treatment program that is focused entirely on teaching sustainable life skills.  They are given a wealth of knowledge about the science behind addiction and taught strategies for managing emotions and triggers that might otherwise lead to relapse.  Avenues counselors and staff are supportive throughout every client’s journey, holding each person accountable for his or her own recovery while walking through difficult times and celebrating every small victory. 

When clients return to Avenues to celebrate anniversaries and share their recovery stories, their messages all share the backbone of a program steeped in 12-step traditions and a strong belief that they’ve been given the appropriate tools to lead a full, rich life free of drugs and alcohol.

To begin your own recovery journey at Avenues OKC/Oklahoma City drug rehab or to inquire about our services for a loved one, please call 844-826-2020.

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