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Recent news has focused largely on the Ukraine war, a devastating humanitarian crisis. While the conflict in Ukraine is plowing through the streets, the continued problem of drug abuse persists here in the streets of America. With over 20 million Americans suffering from a substance use disorder, it is nearly impossible not to be affected by the war on drugs. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss, but when an issue is as prevalent as addiction is, knowledge becomes armor. Understanding substance use disorder, the why behind it, the effects, and ultimately the treatment can be lifesaving.

How To Find Credible Sources?

For many addicts and family members, the first step to getting help with an addiction is an internet search. While the internet is full of helpful information, it may be challenging to find the accurate information needed. Blog posts, resources pages, addiction sites, and books can all be potential sources of information. It is helpful to keep in mind that each individual’s journey through recovery is unique. Therefore, no one can predict how that recovery journey will look once it’s taken.

Where to Look?

  1. Government Sites - These sites are great resources for drug statistics, research information, and resources within communities. In addition to providing information, many of these sites can provide helpful tools for finding funding and programs

    Below are some government sites dedicated to addiction:

    National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA)
    The national institute of drug abuse is a government agency dedicated to drug use and addiction. It is a project of the federal government created to support research on drug use. Aside from funding research, the NIDA also provides the public with reliable statistics and information on substances. Their website is filled with detailed articles on substance abuse.

    Substance and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)
    SAMSHA is a government site dedicated to substance abuse and mental health services. SAMSHA is specifically dedicated to preventing and treating substance abuse. They provide grants and funding for local initiatives.

    National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
    The NIMH isn’t dedicated specifically to research on drugs. However, many of those with substance disorders struggle with addiction mental health disorders. This organization provides funding and research on mental disorders. Their website is complete with information on mental health disorders.

    National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA)
    The NIAA is a government agency that researches alcohol use. They are dedicated to providing the public with updated research and information on alcohol use.

    Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
    Dedicated to community-based substance treatment, CSAT supports those overcoming addiction and their families.

  2. Treatment Centers/Organizations -many treatment centers and organizations dedicated to fighting addiction provide credible information on addiction and resources.

    Here are some sites dedicated to providing addiction information:

    Alcoholic Anonymous
    AA is an organization dedicated to helping alcoholics achieve sobriety. They do so through A.A. meetings and the 12-step program. As part of their mission, they are also a great source of information on addiction.

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Like A.A., narcotics anonymous provides those struggling with narcotics addiction to achieve sobriety. They provide literature addiction as well.

    Avenues Recovery - Understanding Addiction
    The Avenues Recovery resources section is one of the best places to learn about addiction. Learn about substances like Alcohol, Fentanyl, Cocaine, or Heroin. Discover withdrawal symptoms, gain an understanding of detox, and find out what an overdose looks like.

  3. Blog Posts/Personal Accounts - It can be very reassuring and inspiring to read about other people’s journeys through addiction and treatment. Understanding the struggle of addiction from a first-hand account can also provide perspective for those outside the addiction community.

    Here are some widespread blogs/personal accounts on addiction:

    Recovering Addict Advice
    This blog was created for addicts by a former addict. Filled with advice on achieving sobriety and thoughtful posts, it can be a helpful resource for those struggling with addiction.

    Rubber Bands Podcast
    A podcast hosted by Avenues Recovery dedicated to discussing addiction and recovery, Rubber Bands. Filled with insightful personal accounts of journeys through addiction, it provides a lens into the world of addiction and recovery.

Hopefully you've found something here that will help you learn more about addiction and living a life of recovery. When you're ready to get started on a course of residential addiction treatment or outpatient rehab to set your life on the right path, give us a call, we're standing by to speak to you!

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