Sober October

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Sober October is in full swing!

The dangers of excessive drinking are no secret. Risks to your health, job performance, and the meaningful relationships in your life can all be threatened by too much booze and wine.

Sober October has become a time across the world to take a step back from the bottle and reset, free from the impairments alcohol brings.

Sometimes, people think that having fun requires at least a drink or two (or three.)

Fact Check: Absolutely false!!!

All across the Avenues community, the evidence is showing up, and showing up clear! Having fun sober isn’t a myth, or a dream, or something people just say for kicks.

It is as real as real can possibly be!

Here is a small sampling of the fun we are having while staying totally dry.









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Join the movement! This October, take your break.

Breathe the fresh air without the buzz in your head and the numbness around your lips.

Sing and dance and play with a clear head and a full heart.

Shrug off the fog and run to the sunlight!

Join Avenues and the rest of the recovery community in taking on the challenge of Sober October. Let’s Have Some Fun, People!!!!

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