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There are few things better than packing your bags and going on vacation. And when you’ve worked hard at recovery, you really deserve a great vacation! However, if getting away meant hard alcohol and crazy highs until now,  you’ll likely be looking for sober vacation ideas that are just as exhilarating.  Don’t worry, you can still have the vacation of your life without sacrificing all the progress you’ve made during your addiction recovery. In this article, Avenues Recovery will show you how.

Sober Vacation Ideas: Locations

Depending on where you’re holding in your sobriety journey, you may be looking for a getaway with zero temptation. Calming yoga retreats typically offer 3-5 days of yoga, meditation, workshops and healthful catering, all in a substance-free atmosphere. 

Camping and hiking trips are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and spend time away from the buzz of everyday life.

Spending time in the open is proven to help mental health and relieve stress [1], and the calm atmosphere of nature is a great setting for a sober vacation. National parks are open year round and health and wellness getaways offer wholesome fun activities such as water sports, karaoke nights and baking classes.

If you’re looking for a more tropical vacation with a packed-out schedule, there are also many companies that offer sober cruises and other sober vacation packages such as Sober Vacations International [2]

Sober Day Trips and Activities


Can’t afford an alcohol free all inclusive resort vacation? Or it doesn’t sound like your kind of thing? Don’t worry, there are endless activity ideas that you can do either on a trip away or while staying local. 

Some exciting ideas include:

  1. Ice skating 
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Live sports
  4. Outdoor movies
  5. BBQs
  6. Dancing
  7. Broadway shows
  8. Snow tubing
  9. Paintballing
  10. Bowling
  11. Hiking

Some slower, more calming ideas include:

  1. Museums
  2. Local parks
  3. Gardening
  4. Volunteering
  5. Classical concerts
  6. Bird watching
  7. Foraging
  8. Pottery painting
  9. Walking tours
  10. Market touring

Essential Tips for a Fun and Sober Vacation

  • Keep in touch with a mentor for support during your time away. You may need a few phone calls throughout the week to refocus on your sobriety goals. Even if you don’t end up calling, knowing the support is a phone call away is always reassuring and helps to keep you mentally focused. 
  • Research the local environment before you go. Find out which restaurants have a non-alcohol menu, which bars offer mocktails, and which activities you can’t do unless you’re sober (think rock-climbing, scuba diving, parasailing etc.) Most vacation destinations offer a large array of juice bars, hip coffee houses, and trendy smoothie shops that aren’t hard to find. Places like these are sure to be filled with fun and interesting people. There may even be a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at your destination you can attend to keep you on track.
  • Travel with sober friends! There’s no question that success breeds success and traveling with sober friends will keep you accountable and help you enjoy the vacation in great company!

There Are Endless Sober Vacation Ideas

Whether you're planning your own vacation, or traveling to one of the many non alcoholic all inclusive resorts, setting yourself up for success in advance is key to enjoying a fabulous recharging vacation.

Whether you’re just beginning your substance-free journey or already enjoying sobriety to the fullest, Avenues Recovery is here to support you! Contact us anytime to speak with one of our dedicated motivational coaches, we’re ready and waiting to help.





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