6 Benefits of Rehab

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Venturing into the unknown can be a scary thing. Enrollment in rehab for addiction, without knowing what to expect or how your life may change, requires a leap of faith to say the least. Going in prepared with an understanding of what you stand to gain can help to put your mind at ease. If you are worrying about your rehab program or simply want reassurance that completing substance abuse treatment is worth it, read on for 6 benefits of rehab:

What are the Benefits of Rehab?

No matter whether you enroll in an inpatient or outpatient treatment program, going for professional help with addiction will always present the following life-changing benefits.

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Recovery Community

“The natural propensity of human beings to congregate makes group therapy a powerful therapeutic tool for treating substance abuse, one that is as helpful as individual therapy, and sometimes more successful.” This excerpt from SAMHSA’s Treatment Improvement Protocols clearly demonstrates the benefit of peer support groups in the treatment of addiction. Part of what makes rehab successful for so many is the ability to connect with others who have shared similar experiences. That human connection is the main difference between individual therapy versus group counseling.

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Regular Drug Testing

In order to ensure that each patient is remaining committed to recovery, regular drug testing is common practice in most drug rehab programs. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, relapse rates for addiction treatment are as high as 40 to 60 percent [1]. With such staggering numbers to take into account, drug testing is one of the significant benefits of drug rehab which keeps patients accountable and on track during any drug recovery program.


There is no way around it—rehab will be a lot of work and can take a toll on you emotionally. That is why having support in order to hold yourself accountable is such an important part of recovery. Not only will therapists and staff members be available to help you while you progress, but other patients who you connect with will be another life jacket to keep you on track.

New Coping Skills and Habits

Although your time in rehab is extremely important, what you take away from the experience is equally as important. That is why drug rehab will teach you new coping skills for life after addiction treatment. Ways to avoid high-risk situations, learning to relax without the use of drugs, and even avoiding hunger are all areas that may require new skills in order to keep yourself from relapsing. Most drug rehab programs will work with you to create these life skills needed to keep you focused on recovery, even after you’ve left rehab.

Time for Your Thoughts

In an addiction-rehab program, you will get some “me time.” It is important that you understand the need to have alone time with your thoughts. Addiction-treatment programs help to provide space for you to do some self-reflection, and they offer additional guidance from professionals that can help you understand those thoughts. During rehab you will have time free from the demands of everyday life—all in an environment that is suited perfectly to help provide clarity and perspective. The programs are highly structured and free from cell phones and other distractions. It may take some getting used to, but this downtime is a vitally important step in the proper treatment for addiction. 

Improved Overall Health

Substance abuse, especially when it’s severe or prolonged, takes its toll on various organ systems. One of the benefits of drug addiction treatment is the focus on improved overall health. In residential rehab the meals will be balanced and healthful, helping the body recover the nutrients it’s been missing and repair some of the damage the drugs have caused.
Rehab programs usually include various exercise classes too. Exercise programs help to boost your body and mind, recover your strength and feel good about yourself.

Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatments at Avenues Recovery

Enrolling in a drug rehab program is a big step to take, but when you understand the benefits of rehab it may not feel so difficult anymore. Completing drug rehab will set you on the path to a happier, fulfilling life, and the benefits of addiction treatment far outweigh the inconveniences.

If you have any questions or concerns about the benefits of a drug rehab program, please contact us. Our team is here to support you 24/7.

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[1] nida.nih.gov

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