Sober Warriors, Everyday Fathers in Recovery

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Sober Warriors, Everyday Dads

What does being a Dad mean to you?

Support, love, strength, dependability, trust. Words that shape the essence of a father figure. Words that every child wants to feel about their dad. What happens when it is lost? Can it ever be regained? 

This Father's Day, Avenues Recovery shares the remarkable journeys of fathers in recovery.

Their stories of healing and transformation prove the profound impact of a sober dad's love and dedication. 

Facing addiction with courage, these men have rebuilt their lives and reclaimed their roles as devoted fathers in recovery. Their vulnerability has forged deeper connections with their children.

Resilience. Change. These words exemplify a dad in recovery. 

We honor their strength, celebrate their spirit, and are inspired by their journeys. As the country celebrates Father’s Day, we at Avenues celebrate Sober Father's Day, and salute these extraordinary fathers who remind us that recovery can rebuild families and transform lives.

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