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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

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Understanding Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is an illegal drug made from the coca plant and classified as a stimulant. Dopamine [1], known as the feel-good neurotransmitter, is released in the brain at unhealthy levels with the ingestion of cocaine. Initially, it creates an energy boost. Eventually, the body adapts to the increase, and a user’s body will need increased dosages to reach the desired effect. It is very addictive and leads to serious medical problems and severe emotional dysfunction. Cocaine has contributed significantly to the drug epidemic in the US and has claimed countless lives due to overdose and other chronic diseases.

Avenues Recovery is a center that provides drug detox rehab and a residential treatment program to those suffering from cocaine addiction. Treatment plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and overcome cocaine side effects. A great effort is made to create a warm and welcoming community. Instead of being judged and put down, Avenues’ clients will rediscover the power of their potential and develop the tools needed for real-life success. Our staff is chosen carefully for their ability to blend experience, expertise, and unending empathy and compassion. Cocaine addiction is an illness that can be managed with the proper tools and skills. At Avenues Recovery we show you how.

Why Choose Cocaine Rehab at Avenues? 

Getting treatment for cocaine addiction is the most important step toward lasting recovery. Ignoring cocaine's effects can be fatal. It is a drug that can completely take over someone’s life and destroy it without mercy. Cocaine devastates family relationships [2] and careers among all social and ethnic groups. Treatment is absolutely imperative.

Choosing a Cocaine Treatment Facility 

Discovering a cocaine addiction treatment provider that will recognize each specific client’s needs and understand the individual’s struggle is the key to affecting real change. If you or your loved one is fighting cocaine addiction, the first step is the positive decision to take on the underlying factors contributing to addiction. A commitment to substance use treatment will provide the tools and skills to achieve tangible success and lasting sobriety.  

Avenues Recovery Centers, located around the United States, has developed an all-encompassing treatment program to help our clients unlock their potential. Treatment at Avenues begins with 24-hour care while undergoing detox and moves to residential programming once cocaine has left the system and the initial withdrawal is safely completed. We are guided by the unmovable principle that everybody is capable of living a meaningful and productive life, their past challenges notwithstanding.

Our Cocaine Rehab Centers

When Avenues drew up renovation plans for our centers it was with the goal of creating havens of calm and beauty to allow our clients maximum focus on their mission of healing and growth. Our tastefully decorated space is bathed in light and positive energy. Every detail of the building and its day to day operations, including food service, menus, amenities, and staffing choices, contributes to the overarching vibes of positivity, perseverance, and community. People longing to overcome cocaine addiction will find Avenues Recovery Centers a place where their dreams are attainable.

Hearing Your Voice, Understanding your Personal Struggle

From the moment clients join the Avenues family, we strive to foster an environment where they are unafraid to share their struggles. Hearing the individual voices of the person we are committed to serving, and genuinely understanding their personal battlefield, are perhaps the most important elements of designing a treatment for cocaine addiction that will give them the absolute best chance at a sustained positive outcome.  

Cocaine Treatment Planning

Every piece of information handed to our intake professionals is included in a personalized plan for our clients. But we don't stop at intake! As our client progresses through the phases of treatment, our staff is constantly observing what components of treatment are making an impact and what needs to be adjusted. Close collaboration from the clinical director, with therapy group leaders and individual counselors, allows real-time analysis of client progression or regression and the appropriate countermeasures. Nothing is left to chance and great effort is expended to make sure no element of treatment falls through the cracks. We are completely invested in our clients' recovery and well-being.

Involving Family In Cocaine Abuse Treatment

Involving family in their  loved ones' cocaine addiction treatment is a core principle of Avenues philosophy. The unconditional love and encouragement that family members and close friends can provide must be utilized to motivate clients. We reach out to those closest to the people in our care for their invaluable insight into the best way to reach clients. Family counseling and therapy sessions are available completely free of charge and we greatly encourage involvement. A path to long-lasting sober living is possible only with a full partnership of family and clinical staff.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs at Avenues

Addiction recovery is a process. At Avenues Recovery the entire continuum of care is provided under one expansive roof. Beginning with our medically supervised detox program and progressing to residential and eventually outpatient programming, the relationships with community and clinical staff continues until the day of discharge. And beyond! A member of the Avenues community is a member forever and always in our minds and in our hearts.

A sampling of the modalities we employ to assist in overcoming addiction to cocaine and other such stimulants include:

  • Detoxification
  • Medication management (Medication-assisted treatment when deemed appropriate)
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • CBT Therapy
  • Family counseling and therapy

Avenues staff are waiting to welcome you with open arms 24 hours a day. Call us to discuss how we approach cocaine addiction treatment.

Learn more about cocaine addiction, including when Coke stopped using cocaine and how much an 8-ball of coke costs, by reading our online resources.

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