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Addiction rehab is a big step. Finding the answers to all your questions, as well as other drug rehab FAQs, will help you start your journey in a calmer state of mind. Avenues Recovery has compiled some frequently asked questions about rehab to prepare you for how rehab works.

Your Questions Answered: Drug Rehab FAQs

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How Long is Drug Addiction Treatment?

The simple answer is: The longer you stay, the better. Many patients are apprehensive about treatment due to the length of time necessary to achieve results. No one enjoys having their life uprooted, and it can be frightening to go to an unfamiliar place that is outside your comfort zone.

But getting a patient out of their usual habits and even certain locations can be a first step in creating positive change. Patients know where they can acquire their substance of choice, so taking them out of that environment can help to curb the addiction. Most facilities require at least a 28-day program, but there are longer programs and even post-rehabilitation facilities such as sober living homes that aid patients in getting their lives back on track after treatment. The most important thing to remember is that it’s a life changing process; some days will be good, and others will be hard.

Will I Be Allowed to Use My Phone?

Treatment centers will have varying rules about cell-phone usage. It’s common for treatment centers to allot some time without the use of a cell phone. This allows a patient to focus on their recovery and why they are in treatment.

Having a period to unplug and delve into whatever issue the patient is dealing with can be a giant step towards recovery and establishing healthy life choices.

Will I Be Able to See My Family?

If a patient has close family, one of their main concerns with going in for treatment is when they can see them. It’s not uncommon for patients to be dependent on family or loved ones, so the thought of separation becomes quite alarming. 

Often, treatment centers require a “blackout” period where patients won’t be able to speak to family and friends. This allows the patient to stand on their own throughout treatment and gain confidence in who they are as well as their ability to succeed.

However, almost all programs offer a family component, since family is so important to the recovery process.

How Much Will Treatment Cost?

This rehab FAQ is best answered by the treatment center that you choose. Residential treatment facilities have been known to cost more than outpatient treatment programs because they provide patients with therapy, housing, food, and activities. 

Outpatient treatment programs can fluctuate in costs, due in part to what they provide. Their treatment options vary, and include things such as structured outpatient programs, weekly group and individual counseling sessions, and sometimes free support group meetings. Insurance usually covers a lot of the costs of drug rehabilitation programs.

Before making a decision, research what local resources are available. If cost is one of the reasons preventing a patient from entering treatment, it’s helpful to consider the cost of treatment versus the cost of a continued addiction.

Can I Smoke a Cigarette?

One of the most frequently asked drug rehab questions is regarding smoking cigarettes during treatment. 

While there is no nationwide ban on smoking, every treatment center is different. Most (but not all) treatment centers allow cigarette smoking. However, centers that are located on hospital grounds will be more restrictive as they have higher health and safety regulations to maintain. 

Additionally, publicly funded facilities will be held to regulations passed by public health organizations, so smoking may be prohibited in those rehab centers. Privately owned centers, on the other hand, can make their own rules even though they still have to follow state and federal guidelines. But patients shouldn’t let that deter them from going for treatment.

Where do 12 Step Programs Fit in with Drug Rehab Treatment?

Self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) are all based on the 12-Step model which has a remarkably high success rate. Most drug rehab centers will encourage individuals to join a group and attend meetings during and after their addiction treatment. Joining a group complements and often extends the effects of rehab, and adding a social level to addiction treatment is always beneficial. You can find more information about meetings and finding a local support group here.

How Effective is Drug Rehab?

Research has shown that professional treatment for addiction is the most effective way to attain sobriety. Many people try to cure their addiction on their own, but this does not usually work long term. Addiction treatment centers have the experience and tools to make your journey to recovery successful and as smooth as possible. They have amenities that will aid your recovery, and they can prepare you for the bumps in the road. 

It’s important to know that relapsing does not mean that the treatment isn’t working. It’s very common to relapse during addiction recovery, and just means that your treatment needs reinstating or adjusting to get you back on track to sobriety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rehab

Each individual considering treatment has different considerations depending on their personal circumstances. If our answers to drug rehab FAQs haven't helped you or you still have other concerns or addiction questions, you can contact one of our staff members online, or give us a call on 603-212-1831. We have friendly professionals waiting to help you 24/7.

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