6 Signs You Need Rehab

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Many people struggle with the dilemma “Do I need rehab?”
It’s difficult to admit that you have an addiction and that you may need help overcoming it. Maybe you’re thinking you haven’t hit rock bottom yet, so the problem isn’t bad enough that you need addiction treatment. Avenues Recovery has compiled a list of six signs you need rehab, to help you confidently take your next step.

What are the Signs You Need Rehab?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2019, 21.6 million people over age 12 needed treatment for substance abuse, but only 4.2 million received it [1]. Many people think they don’t need addiction treatment, either not realizing the severity of their disorder, or thinking they can kick their habit without professional help. The truth is, if drugs or alcohol impact your life in any negative way, it’s time to think about getting help.
If you’re wondering when to start rehab, the answer is now. The earlier you seek help, the quicker you’ll regain your health and control over your life. There’s no gain in waiting or delaying, things could only get worse. Read on for the six signs showing that you need to go to rehab:

1. Your life feels unmanageable and out of control

Do you suffer from hangovers, withdrawals, and always have the next drink or hit on the brain? Addiction takes a lot of your time and can be exhausting. If you feel like you can’t manage a functional life anymore while showing uncontrollable behavior, it might be time for a substance abuse program. Addiction is treatable and these programs will help you get your life back.

2. Drugs and alcohol are affecting your relationships

Relationships tend to suffer when someone has a substance abuse problem. When addiction is the center of your world, the people you care about the most become less important. Your desires and life focus shifts toward finding drugs and alcohol instead of maintaining your relationships.

3. You feel alone

Isolation and loneliness go hand in hand with addiction [2]. You might feel that you can’t talk to anyone about your struggles and feel disconnected. Perceiving that no one cares about you can leave you with feelings of abandonment. All of these emotions can add to the ever-cycling process of addiction as a false attempt to make yourself feel better.

4. Drugs or alcohol cause you legal issues

Addiction can lead to arrests and violations of all kinds. Examples include:

Perhaps you’re already on probation or parole. Is your addiction worth going to jail for??

5. Your work or school is affected

Maybe you started out with minor offenses like:

  • late attendance 
  • missing school/work 
  • late assignments. 

But over time these offenses grew more and more serious. If you lost your job or got kicked out of school—or are afraid of either—start a self-evaluation now. Getting the right addiction treatment now will help you to avoid losing anything else.

6. You want more out of life

Drug and alcohol abuse can sap your interest in:

  • friends
  • family
  • once beloved hobbies
  • overall life enjoyment. 

You may have stopped exploring the world and trying new experiences. Maybe your creativity isn’t flourishing like it used to. If you find yourself unmotivated and holding no interest in anything due to an addiction, it’s time to go to rehab.

So, Do I Need Rehab?

Even if your substance abuse is relatively new, displaying one or more of these signs you need rehab is a clear pointer in the direction of professional help.

Making the commitment to start addiction therapy is the first step on the path toward a healthy life. Addiction treatment will help you to stop using drugs, maintain sobriety, and increase productivity in all parts of your life. Addiction rehab offers a wide range of care options tailored to your specific needs, such as drug detox treatment, a residential treatment program, or outpatient rehab, among others. It is administered by caring, experienced professionals who want to make your rehab journey as easy as possible for you. 

Our skilled staff at Avenues Recovery are ready now to help you to help yourself. Got any questions about addiction therapy and whether it’s right for you? Get in touch with us. We’re here for you, always.

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