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What You Should Know About Drug Rehab Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

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It is important to choose the right treatment program for drug addiction. Many patients select inpatient rehab, especially for severe substances such as heroin and cocaine. In many cases, once a client has successfully completed an inpatient drug rehab program, it is advisable to continue addiction treatment in the step down phase called Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). It will allow the patient to blend substance abuse treatment and reentry to the outside world, while still taking advantage of the protected environment that drug and alcohol treatment centers provide.

Avenues PHP Program

Avenues PHP programs are evidence based, comprehensive, and help you learn how to live a life of sobriety. Give yourself the gift of long-term recovery!

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?


The first step of outpatient drug rehab is partial hospitalization. PHP is a mental health and addiction treatment program in which you can go home after the daily session. The session may take about three to four hours and you might visit the center three times or five times a week.

So, if you wish to return home after the sessions, you should choose a partial hospitalization program. The duration of the treatment session and the amount of sessions per week may vary according to the level of dependency.

PHP bridges the gap between inpatient rehab care and outpatient rehab care for patients who need continued treatment. It’s for people who need more than regular outpatient and more than weekly drug treatment sessions, but don’t need to be in a hospital. They can stay safe at home between the sessions.


What Happens in a Partial Hospitalization Program?


If you register for the partial hospitalization program, you have to arrive at the drug treatment center you choose. Most of your day will be spent in the treatment center. The healthcare provider will conduct group therapies and individual therapies.

At Avenues Recovery Center, a full team of empathetic and highly skilled professionals are dedicated to your progress. A staff clinician tracks your progress and suggests an effective treatment and prescribes medication. An occupational therapist helps to develop good routines, healthy habits, and good leisure activities. Behavioral health therapists will individually work with you and listen to personal issues.

In the PHP program, specialists offer customized services and create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. They evaluate the condition and level of dependency before creating a plan. They listen to your goals, wishes, and desires at the center of that plan.

PHP therapy models


The partial hospitalization rehab involves dialectical behavior therapy or dbt, which consists of four modules. These modules focus on:
• Interpersonal effectiveness
• Mindfulness
• Distress tolerance
• Emotion regulation

All these models develop specific skills in the patients. These modules help them manage stress, crisis, and loss. Furthermore, they will also improve their coping skills with anxiety, depression, and daily functioning.


How Long is a Partial Hospitalization Program?


Partial hospitalization rehab is a short-term drug treatment program with the goal to eliminate the effects of drug abuse. It helps patients to achieve their goal to quit harmful substances with a minimum level of care. This treatment plan is different than inpatient drug abuse treatment.

One of the major differences in the exact treatment length. If you are asking yourself, "how long will the partial hospitalization program treatment near me run," the simple answer is a few weeks. That said, the treatment plan might also take a few months to end . It will depend on the dependency level of each client and their unique set of circumstances. But keep in mind that the journey for each patient is unique. So, you should focus on the treatment goals rather than focusing on the time. Drug rehab treatment is never one size fits all.

Partial Hospitalization Program Guidelines


Do you want to join a partial hospitalization program? If yes, then here is the guideline you should read:

• PHP is not suitable for every patient. Patients with severe dependency should consider inpatient treatment. When you are at the extreme level of dependency your ability to control your thoughts can be impacted. You might not think straight about your future. Therefore, you should stay under 24/7 care. Inpatient drug rehab is the answer for you at this stage.

• To determine an effective treatment for your condition, you should visit a professional. They will conduct mental and physical tests and choose the right addiction treatment program.

• PHP is more expensive than outpatient but more reasonable than inpatient treatment plans. So, you should confirm with your insurance company about the benefits they offer.

• After choosing the right program you should look for a drug treatment center with exceptional care.

• Professionals at the rehab center will conduct functional and mental health testing. They will prepare a proper treatment plan after understanding your challenges.

• The partial hospitalization program has strict schedules, so you should review the schedule before confirming.


Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program


An adolescent partial hospitalization program helps teens to cope with emotional and behavioral difficulties. During this treatment, teens can live with their parents and attend a treatment program. In the morning they leave for the psychiatric unit and in the evening they return. The treatment takes at least six hours a day for five days a week. This treatment program helps teens to cope with their depression, stress, and anxiety.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities suggests that the PHP program features:
• Face-to-face therapeutic sessions
• Medically supervised programs
• Clinical services
• Quite flexible timings

An adolescent partial hospitalization program can be a part of a broader system of outpatient substance abuse treatment. However, it is designed only for teens.

A PHP for teens includes:

• Group Therapy helping clients support each other and build healthy relationships. It is an effective healing process.

• Individual Counseling focuses on the individual patient. In this treatment plan, professionals create specific treatment plans according to the child’s requirements. This plan includes a wide range of counseling and therapeutic modalities.

• Psycho-Educational Sessions involve proper education about how the human brain works. Participating teens learn how their brains process information and thoughts and ways they can control and change their thinking processes.

• Family Therapy Sessions include the involvement of the family. In this treatment process, healthcare professional makes sure that teens as well as family recover from the traumas and develop a healthy relationship. Family support in drug rehab is critical, especially when the client searching for recovery is a youngster. Knowing that they have the unconditional love of the people most important to them is a huge springboard to lasting recovery.




In partial hospitalization rehab, patients enjoy an outpatient rehab setting with strong protection from their drug treatment center. come to treatment for the day and they can go home at night and have dinner with their families and sleep in their bed. This gives them real-world opportunities to practice what they learn in the center.

The next day, they come back to process that feeling with their therapists and peers. So, they get prepared for the discharge and continue their life without the program. This structure of this program helps to cement what they are learning and practice it like that.

Like most programs, addiction treatment specialists track the quality data for each patient. This helps them to modify the treatment plan that leads the patient to a better life without dependency on harmful drugs. As a result, the patients receive treatment that best works with them.

Most patients find partial hospitalization programs (PHP) effective to treat their addiction. Some of them use words like life-changing for this treatment plan. Further, they say that the treatment helps to feel prepared to face the future.


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