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Ambulatory or Outpatient Detox Programs

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Ambulatory detox programs are designed to medically detoxify a patient who is actively engaged in his or her addiction, safely and discreetly, with outpatient treatment. Read this article from Avenues Recovery on to learn what ambulatory detox programs include, their benefits and who they are suitable for.

What Does Ambulatory Detox Involve?

At professional recovery centers ambulatory detox programs usually include:

  • A supervised detoxification process from a certified doctor over a period of 3-5 days for several hours per day.
  • A safe and predictable withdrawal with reasonable comfort
  • Education about the disease process of addiction
  • Assessment by a counselor and a nurse with substance abuse expertise to determine the level of treatment that would be most beneficial for the patient after drug detox treatment.
  • A determination if there is psychiatric comorbidity that would affect the course of treatment

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Pros and Cons of Outpatient Detox Programs

Here are some benefits of completing detox in an outpatient setting:

  • Freedom of schedule
  • Remain at home with family support
  • Maintain work responsibilities and avoid the transition back to work after rehab (although they’ll likely have to cut back hours for several days)
  • Lower costs

Below are several cons of ambulatory detox:

  • Higher risk of relapse due to the less controlled setting.
  • Individuals with severe withdrawal symptoms must attend inpatient detox to ensure their safety. Withdrawal symptoms can be serious, even fatal, if not monitored [1].
  • Requires self motivation or encouragement from a support system to attend detox sessions religiously.

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Who Is Ambulatory Detox Suitable For?

Ambulatory detox can be a great option for people with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who have been addicted to substances for long periods will usually experience more severe withdrawal systems and therefore require fully supervised detox with medical care at hand 24/7. 

If you’re unsure which detox program is best suited to your needs you can contact a treatment professional for guidance.

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Ambulatory Detox Programs in the Recovery Process

The treatment team at Avenues Recovery firmly believes that addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that requires treatment. Detoxification is a prerequisite for treatment, not treatment itself. 

Comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab includes a drug and alcohol detox program, maintenance therapy, counseling, and medication where necessary. To find the best treatment plan for your circumstances contact our staff via the website or give us a call at 603-583-4200.

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[1] www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

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