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Fentanyl On the Street

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Fentanyl is a powerful prescription painkiller often given to patients undergoing chemo or experiencing severe pain. It binds to opiate sensors in the brain and is highly addictive, whether taken as a prescription medication or procured on the street. And with a rock-bottom fentanyl street price, it’s a substance abused at an alarming rate.

Due to its exceptional potency, fentanyl is becoming easily found on the streets. Manufacturers and drug users alike love its strength and the high it can induce. For people who are not tolerant, the tiniest amount of fentanyl can be lethal. As mentioned above, drug users can get a satisfying high for a fraction of the cost of other street drugs as the street value of fentanyl is very low. Fentanyl can be used on its own or laced into other street drugs, making it even more dangerous.

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Fentanyl Street Price: How Much Does Fentanyl Cost On the Street?

Street fentanyl costs very little. The street value of fentanyl for one gram is between $150 to $200; the more you want, the more you must spend. For example, the fentanyl street price for ten grams can cost up to $2000.

The cost of fentanyl will depend on the type of fentanyl the individual chooses to purchase. The fentanyl patch street value can be closer to $40 and lasts up to 72 hours. For many, patches can be an effective and affordable way to get fentanyl. On the other hand, pure fentanyl can be more expensive than other options because no additives are reducing its potency.

Regardless of its form, Fentanyl street price remains inexpensive. Its low price makes it a popular option for anyone looking for a good high without a crippling financial burden. The toxic combination of fentanyl’s low price, potency, and accessibility destroys lives across the country and the world each day.

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Why is There So Much Fentanyl on the Street?

The war on drugs has made it difficult for drug users to access some common street drugs. Drugs such as heroin and crack are not easy to find. Additionally, as law enforcement agents pursue the suppliers and manufacturers of these opiates, prices rise continuously.

Fentanyl is easier and cheaper to create when compared to other opiates, like heroin and can provide a stronger high in a smaller dose. This pleases both sides of the deal. The manufacturer can easily create an inexpensive substance, and the customer can get a good high for a low price.

Fentanyl is often sold on its own in various forms, such as nasal spray, patch, powder, or pill. It is also added to other substances, making it easier for a drug user to get high on a smaller dosage of other opiates like heroin and cocaine.

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What Does Street Fentanyl Look Like?

Fentanyl is found in a wide variety of forms on the street. The issue with illicit purchases is that it is hard to know how much fentanyl is in the product. This makes it easy to overdose or become addicted to fentanyl as compared to other substances. Because many drug abusers don’t even know they are ingesting fentanyl, it has created a terrible spike in fatal overdoses [1].

Some street forms of fentanyl include:

  1. Pills (look similar to prescription tablets)
  2. Transdermal patches
  3. Nasal sprays
  4. Eyedroppers
  5. Blotter paper sheets
  6. Original powder

Is Fentanyl Sold Directly on the Street or Added to Other Drugs?

Fentanyl can be found either on its own or added to other drugs. The customer can work with the supplier to determine which form they would like.

Fentanyl is often sold on its own. Any of the forms of street fentanyl discussed above contain pure fentanyl. The customer can choose to get a small amount of pure fentanyl for a low cost.

How common is fentanyl-laced weed? It is sadly widespread to find fentanyl mixed with other drugs. Customers can work with their suppliers to find drugs such as cocaine and heroin laced with fentanyl. The exact amount of fentanyl laced into street drugs will depend on what the customer wants and the supplier that they choose. As mentioned above, many dishonest dealers will lace street drugs with fentanyl to drive down costs and increase their margins. A bit of fentanyl can go a long way, so it is usually mixed into other drugs in minute amounts.

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What Are Other Fentanyl Street Names?

Fentanyl has several street names, with the most common being “greenies”. Other names include:

  • Apace
  • China Girl
  • China Town
  • China White
  • Dance Fever
  • Goodfellas
  • Great Bear
  • He-Man
  • Poison
  • Tango
  • Cash


Fentanyl is also often called “OxyContin” since the two pills look similar. However, it is much stronger than OxyContin and it is important not to confuse the two.

There may be other fentanyl street names based on the substance it is mixed with. This can depend on its supplier, where it is made, and what drugs it is comprised of.

The Different Forms of Fentanyl on the Street: Patches, Powder, and Nasal Spray

Due to the plethora of fentanyl forms available on the street, drug users can easily find the product that best suits their preferences.

Some choose traditional powder. Some customers prefer other forms of fentanyl. Extended-release patches are a popular option since they provide a steady dose of fentanyl for up to 72 hours and are quite affordable. Several patches can tide a drug user over for a few weeks. Some choose fentanyl nasal sprays; while others like to keep it simple and go with fentanyl pills to allow them to monitor their intake.

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Risks of Buying Fentanyl on the Street

There are a variety of risks that accompany the use of street fentanyl. Firstly, because it has been created illegally – without any oversight or regulation – there is virtually no way to ascertain the purity of the fentanyl. It may have been contaminated with any number of dangerous pollutants and impurities during the manufacturing process.

Additionally, if you choose a form of street fentanyl that comes in a predetermined amount – such as a pill or transdermal patch – there is no way to know the dosage it contains. There have been numerous stories of tragic overdose deaths due to street fentanyl, specifically in the pill form.

To quote the Drug Enforcement Agency [2], “Criminal drug networks in Mexico are mass-producing illicit fentanyl and fake pills pressed with fentanyl in filthy, clandestine, unregulated labs. These fake pills are designed to look like real prescription pills right down to the size, shape, color, and stamping.”

If you choose to use street fentanyl, be sure to do so only after verifying that you are taking a pure and safe dosage.

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Don’t Be Swayed by the Low Fentanyl Street Price. Join Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

The low fentanyl street price, combined with its addictive qualities, have made Fentanyl the drug of choice for countless dealers and users. If you or a loved one suffer from fentanyl addiction, don’t suffer in silence or try to go at it alone. Seek treatment in a specialized facility that offers quality medical care and therapy. Reach out to Avenues Recovery today to start your journey towards recovery!




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