Our Mothers, Our Heroes

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Our Mothers, Our heroes.

There is nothing quite like the embrace of a mother.

There may be many people in our lives - but no one can replace her. 

This Mother's Day, Avenues presents the true accounts of mothers in recovery. Through each of their healing journeys, the power of their motherly love continues to inspire us. We honor their strength, we celebrate their spirit, and we are humbled by the bravery they show each day. 

To every mother out there - today, we pay tribute to you!

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At 56 days sober, my kids were brought back home and my journey as a sober mom began.

Ashley Goodman

My decision to work here was caused solely by my daughter.

Jennifer Knauer

My daughter forced me to stay... I desperately didn't want to lose her. I stayed.

Sandy Ross

I watched my children slowly fall apart... and I loved them through every minute of it.

Susan Towne

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