Primary Counselor

Anela Yusuf CAC-AD

Anela Yusuf is a primary counselor at Avenues Recovery Center at Prince Frederick. Hailing from Largo, MD, she began her educational journey at the College of Southern Maryland and currently attends Salisbury University. She holds a Mental Health Technician Certificate and a Human Services Associate Degree, and is now working towards her CAC-AD and Master's in Social Work.

Anela chose to work in addiction treatment because she knows what it feels like to be on the other side. She understands the profound impact of addiction, stripping away everything from material possessions to relationships. Her personal experience with addiction drives her to help others out of that darkness. She employs motivational interviewing and DBT as her main approaches to addiction treatment, striving daily to pull people into the light and show them the potential for a fulfilling life.

Anela is one of eight children and has two dogs, Simba and Snow. A talented lacrosse player, she was nationally ranked for defense in Maryland. Though her addiction prevented her from playing at the Division 1 level, her experiences have shaped her dedication to helping others overcome their struggles.

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