Primary Therapist

Jenny Hohman

Jenny Hohman, LCSW, a compassionate and dedicated Primary Therapist, has a diverse background that reflects her commitment to serving marginalized populations and celebrating the beauty of differences. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Jenny's educational journey led her to the University of Louisville Kent School, where she pursued both her undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of social work.

From a young age, Jenny has been drawn to marginalized populations, and her deep appreciation for diversity spans various aspects of society, including culture, age, socioeconomic status, religion, race, and sexuality. She recognizes the profound value of embracing these differences as a means to learn more about herself and confront her own biases, fostering a stronger sense of empowerment and understanding within communities.

Jenny's professional journey is enriched by her certification in EMDR as a certified licensed clinical therapist, highlighting her commitment to evidence-based practices in her work. Her dedication to growth and learning is evident in her statement that she continues to learn from both the staff and clients at Avenues, emphasizing her humility and her role as a valuable member of an exceptional team. Jenny's life and work are a testament to her unwavering belief in the power of diversity and her commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

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